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How does Noviggo handle login and the signup process?

Noviggo works with each program/leader to leverage their existing login systems and we have out-of-the-box integrations with Google and Microsoft to support seamless login (through OAuth 2.0 and OpenID). All login is based on OAuth 2.0 and uses TLS encryption for all communication.

What personal identifiable information do you store?

Noviggo collects names and emails to allow authentication.

Who owns the data and controls data usage?

The application data is owned and controlled by Noviggo LLC, but the users ideas and input data are owned by the user/organization. We can not commercialize, sell or profit from any Institution's data without the user/organization consent.

Does this application/system use encryption when communicating with other systems?

TLS encryption with the latest standards is leveraged within all web facing endpoints and subsystems which are part of the Noviggo tool.  

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We want to reimagine how teams collaborate and learn together to help bring new ideas to life. Noviggo was born to help us share our collective knowledge and experiences from over 25 years of planning, building, and delivering innovative technology projects.
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Noviggo's collaborative learning tool empowers educators and leaders to manifest change within their organizations and bring new ideas to life. Our tool engages groups synchronously and asynchronously for each program, encourages continuous teamwork, and humanizes the entire process.
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