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Flavia Ibanez and Jon Gorin co-founded Noviggo to empower educators & leaders to manifest change and innovation within their organizations. Both Flavia and Jon have experienced the challenges of creating, organizing, and structuring new business ideas through a variety of their own entrepreneurial experiences. They recognized a gap in the current set of tools available to teams that lacked the organization, workflow, and continuity needed to truly bring ideas to life in a collaborative way across a team, without friction.

At our core, we believe people grow better by working together.

We started Noviggo to create an open ecosystem of tools and frameworks that educators can use to encourage collaborative learning and empower students to become the innovators of the future.


What we have worked on before

Prod. Design for B2B model

Product management, scaling and transitioning to B2B. New coaches and employees experience along with a design system.

R&D Design, Architecture, & Professional Services

Product experimentation, processes, and standards.  Client engagements with customized field solutions. 

Co-founded, End to End Product & Technology

Product creation, user experiance, design, and engineering.

Product Design & Management

Product planning, re-design, and transitioned from Offshore to in-house engineering.

Co-founders, Branding, Website & CS Framework

First co-working space in Mendoza, Argentina.

Branding, Product Design, and Educational Programs Material

Designed a brand, graphic materials, and a desktop app that is currently used worldwide.

Product Design Specialist, Mentor

Mentored companies from 2015 to 2019 and joined Techstars Boston staff for the 2018 program. Helped to organize and deliver the program activities like workshops, mentor, and investor meetings.

IT Security and Infrastructure

Security administration, server management, and process automation

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Our technology expert

Jon Gorin

Our Product and Design specialist

Flavia Ibanez


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Noviggo's collaborative learning tool empowers educators and leaders to manifest change within their organizations and bring new ideas to life. Our tool engages groups synchronously and asynchronously for each program, encourages continuous teamwork, and humanizes the entire process.
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